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Hosted Domains





Each Hosted Domain allows for 3 email addresses to be hosted on our servers with an out put of 90 emails per day or 2700 emails a month.

Monthly Added Domains





We proactively manage your sender reputation! Each month, we set up and warm up new domains for you at no extra charge. This ensures we always have healthy domains ready if needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing your email deliverability.

Hosted Emails





The email addresses are self-hosted on servers, instead of relying on a third party service like gmail or outlook. No need for Google suits, Gmail, or outlook accounts.

Emails Sent

Up to 108000

Up to 27000

Up to 540000

Up to A Million

Each self hosted email address can send out 30 emails per day besides their warm up emails.

Monthly Added Emails





For each new domain we add to your account we set up the new emails that correpond with it. to ensure all emails are warned and ready to go if one of your initail emails get burnt.

Domain Ownership

We streamline your domain setup by handling the registration process, ensuring efficiency and eliminating the need for two-step verification on your existing accounts. You'll have the option to choose your preferred registrar (we recommend Namecheap for its cost-effective renewals), and you'll maintain full ownership and control of your domains from day one.

Dedicated IP'S

Unlike Google, we provide dedicated IP addresses for your account. This means your IP address isn't shared with other users, giving you greater control over your sender reputation and potentially improving email deliverability.

Data Included

With our enterprise-level subscription, you gain access to extensive data for curating your own lists. Please note: our verified data maintains 98% accuracy, and to protect our IP/server reputation, you must keep your bounce rate below 2% even at scale. Always use a secondary verifier like Millionverifier on downloaded data. Accounts with bounce rates exceeding 5% may be canceled.

Unlimited email warmup

"unlimited email warm-up." This means you can consistently send a controlled volume of emails from your new domain and IP address over time. This gradual process helps build a positive reputation with major ISPs, increasing the likelihood that your future emails land in inboxes and avoid spam folders. Essentially, Instantly.ai allows you to continuously "warm up" your sending infrastructure without restrictions, maximizing your chances of successful email delivery.

Unlimited Uploaded Contacts

Please note Lead Paths Offers 3 separate interfaces and each plan can be curated individualyl to meet your businesses needs.

Invite team members

Empower seamless teamwork, by inviting multiple users to collaborate on drafts, active campaigns and replying to emails.

Unlimited Campaigns

After you’ve set up your campaigns - it runs completely on autopilot. All you need to do is make sure there’s enough leads in your campaigns and that’s it.

Advanced Sequences

let you create sophisticated email campaigns that automatically send a series of personalized emails over time based on triggers and conditions. You can customize email content, design branching paths within the sequence based on user interactions, and leverage dynamic variables for tailored messaging. This system automates your outreach, leading to improved engagement, lead nurturing, and greater efficiency compared to manual email blasts.

Advanced Scheduling

goes beyond basic scheduling by offering flexibility and control over when your emails reach inboxes. You can define precise sending times, schedule emails based on recipient time zones for optimal engagement, and even factor in weekends and holidays to avoid landing in inboxes at inconvenient times. This granular control allows you to tailor your outreach strategy for maximum impact, helping you reach prospects when they're most receptive.

Email & account analytics

comprehensive analytics suite to dissect your email marketing efforts and optimize for success. Track key metrics like opens, clicks, and replies across entire campaigns or individual emails within sequences. Analyze engagement to see what content resonates with your audience. Track link clicks to gauge user interest and refine your content strategy. On the account level, monitor sender reputation and bounce rates to ensure deliverability. Assign monetary values to positive leads like replies or meetings to measure ROI. Finally, generate customizable reports to gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions that elevate your email marketing game.

A/Z Testing

A/Z testing lets you scientifically pit different variations of your email elements against each other to identify the winning formula. This can involve testing subject lines, email content, calls to action, or even sending times. Instantly.ai automatically sends different versions to a portion of your audience and analyzes the results. You can then see which version drives the highest open rates, click-through rates, or conversions, allowing you to refine your campaign and send the most effective version to the rest of your list. This data-driven approach helps you optimize your email marketing for maximum impact.

Reputation Protection & Bounce Detection

protects your sender reputation and maximizes inbox delivery with features like dedicated IP addresses, automated domain warming, and proactive monitoring of feedback loops from ISPs. It also helps you maintain a healthy email list by detecting bounces in real-time, categorizing them for understanding, and potentially offering automated list cleaning. This multi-faceted approach safeguards your email deliverability and ensures your messages reach your intended audience.

API, webhooks, and integrations

"global block list", it protects your reputation by monitoring feedback loops from major ISPs, which report spam complaints. This allows the platform to identify potentially harmful addresses and prevent future sends. Additionally, you may be able to create your own suppression lists to block addresses that consistently cause issues like hard bounces, improving your overall deliverability.

Unibox & CRM In one location

Streamline your workflow by combining a unified inbox (Unibox) with CRM functionalities. The Unibox acts as a central hub for all your email communication, consolidating your inboxes and allowing you to manage conversations from different channels (potentially including email, social media, or live chat) in one place. This centralized view simplifies communication and helps you stay on top of leads. The CRM features then empower you to manage those leads effectively. You can track lead information, record interactions within the Unibox, and potentially assign tasks or schedule follow-ups, all within the same platform. This unified approach fosters better communication and simplifies lead nurturing, helping you convert those leads into sales.

AI Auto Replier and Scheduler (BETA)

Ready to ditch the endless email back-and-forth? Our AI-powered auto-responder handles the scheduling for you – think of it as your own virtual assistant! Book more appointments and reclaim your time. Currently in Beta

Priority Support

We offer separate support teams and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Get quick fixes from our technical chat support, in-depth assistance through our general support ticketing, or work directly with a dedicated account manager for strategic guidance and deep dives into complex topics like email deliverability and feedback loops.

Set Up Break Down

Here’s a breakdown of setting up a cold email outreach campaign in simple terms, without the technical jargon


Getting Started:

Imagine you’re renting a fake address (domain name) to send letters (emails). This keeps your real address (main email) hidden. We purchase these addresses in from places like Namecheap or GoDaddy on your behalf and the price per domain for a .com averages around 10 dollars annually.


Setting Up the Mailbox:

On your newly purchased addresses (domains), we create three mailboxes (email accounts). This lets you send out 90 letters (emails) per day, without raising red flags to keep you out of spam.


Sending and Receiving Mail:

  • All your mailboxes (email accounts) forward their letters (emails) to a central mailbox (your main email). This keeps things organized for you.
  • It takes a few weeks to warm up these new mailboxes, like breaking in a new house. This makes sure your letters (emails) get delivered and don’t get treated like spam.


Technical Stuff (optional):

There are some technical steps involved to make sure your mailboxes work smoothly. These involve things like making sure your letters look legitimate and aren’t considered suspicious by mail carriers (internet service providers). You don’t need to worry about these details unless you’re interested in the technical side of things. (Dkim, SSL, Dmarc, Ip Addresses, Email Rotation, Server reputation, warmup.)


Overall, this process lets you send a lot of cold outreach emails without revealing your main email address and helps ensure your emails get delivered.


The setup fee for these accounts is 30 bucks per domain for under 100 domains set up or 20 bucks per domain for 100 or more. Plus, the Namecheap or Go Daddy Investment in the domain.